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Gay Scotland 2007

CADT_00616_2004 douglas edinburgh bw 75
CADT_00740_2004 edinburgh church view c 75
CADT_00742_2004 douglas old city bw 75
CADT_00918_2004 royal swan douglas hand c 75
CADT_01305_2004 craig and alex trees bw 75
CADT_01337_2004 edinburgh castle arthurs seat c 75
CADT_01690_2004 kingsknowe blue flowers c 75
CADT_01908_2004 kingsknowe white flowers 3 c 75
CADT_022939_ 2007
CADT_022942_ 2007
CADT_022946_ 2007
CADT_022947_ 2007_c_75
CADT_022948_ 2007
CADT_022952_ 2007
CADT_022961_ 2007
CADT_022962_ 2007
CADT_022963_ 2007
CADT_023009_ 2007
CADT_023020_ 2007
CADT_023022_ 2007
CADT_023026_ 2007
CADT_023039_ 2007
CADT_023051_ 2007
CADT_023066_ 2007
CADT_02312_2004 scotland tourist bw 75
CADT_06027_2004 edinburgh celta group bw 75
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CADT_00813_2004 edinburgh st giles christ c 75
CADT_01211_2004 edinburgh daily record c 75
CADT_01241_2004 craig face down bw 75
CADT_01273_2004 edinburgh craig and alex bw 75
CADT_01283_2004 edinburgh alex bum bw 75
CADT_01803_2004 kingsknowe douglas bw 75
CADT_02161_2004 edinburgh chocolate t shirt c 75
CADT_022941_ 2007_bimbo_c_75
CADT_022943_ 2007
CADT_022945_ 2007
CADT_022986_ 2007
CADT_022991_ 2007
CADT_022992_ 2007
CADT_023015_ 2007
CADT_023018_ 2007
CADT_023019_ 2007
CADT_023043_ 2007
CADT_02694_2004 scotland red kilt c 75
CADT_05828_2004 dunfermline michael bw 75
CADT_07440_2004 edinburgh beckham sweat c 75
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Photographs by James Rendell, CADT Photography, in Edinburgh, 2007. Thanks to the lovely people from OPI Scotland for their kind hospitality. We look forward to welcoming Brother Bimbo and entourage when they visit Perth in 2013. For more information on all things Scottish go to:


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